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Who We Are
We are the official support center and payment processor for Earthgrid Cloud Website Platform and the Earthgrid Network members products and services.

What We Do

We collect payment for any of Earthgrid's services. Also, we keep track of every transaction and every interaction with our customers and vendors. We are here to help you with any payment or billing issues for any service within the Earthgrid Network, SPACE or any of its affiliates.

If there's a problem with your order, you're protected when you pay with PayMyGrid.

Need Help?
Services like PayPal act as intermediaries between customers and vendors. This fragile relationship has its challenges. How can you be certain that the contractually agreed upon services and terms of use and conditions are actually provided by the service provider?  Because we collect the funds, we are assuming responsibility for your satisfaction. In other words, your satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed. Before you call your credit card company to dispute a charge, call us. We can credit you back immediately.  If you have any questions, you can reach us toll free 1-800-557-0212

Do you have a Domain Name, Wordpress or Email Problem?

Step 1:  Locate your receipt in your email "Earthgrid Order Confirmation"

Step 2: Locate your CUSTOMER number in the email.

Step 3: Call our 24/7 Support Hotline at 480-624-2500

Please note: the support hotline can ONLY help you with domains, email and Wordpress.

They cannot assist you with any of our other products such as your SPACE website

Or Search Triggers.

Please do NOT call them if your website is down.  Instead update your credit card billing and it will instantly go back up.

Here are some detailed instructions.

When you go to your website are you seeing this screen?

If so, then it simply means that there is a billing problem.  Click the button below and your website will magically reappear!

Update Your Billing

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